Secure Data Transfer

All communication between the Expert and Client is transmitted through secure HTTPS protocol. Techinline uses industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption technology (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure complete security and confidentiality of transmitted data. This same technology is used to maintain the privacy of online banking transactions and nearly all other payment processing services on the Internet! It guarantees the highest level of service and security. Our SSL Certificates are issued by the Comodo Group. This Trusted Authentication Authority is compatible with all modern browsers.

What is SSL?

SSL is the industry standard security technology used by millions of websites for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral.

SSL protocol provides an encrypted link between two parties. Here’s how it works: Your browser examines the signed certificate received from the Web site (in our case,, determines it to be authentic, and generates secret keys at both ends of the connection. Any information which is transferred online is encrypted prior to being sent to the server.

For Techinline users this implies the following:
  • Screen captures, commands, and files cannot be intercepted or altered by a third party during transmission across the internet.
  • The user is guaranteed to work only with a genuine Techinline web server and never a scam server intended to replicate Techinline.

To guarantee the transparency and safety of our technology, Techinline's development processes have been entirely authenticated by an authorized and reputable organization.

Two-Factor Authentication

Techinline delivers an enhanced security layer with its Two-Factor Authentication login process, making it fully compliant with PCI's Data Security Standards. The Two-Factor login process requires the account holder's username and password as well as a virtual token, sent via email, which has to be provided upon login.

The Two-Factor Authentication process is an optional feature which may be activated for any Techinline account upon their request at no extra cost.

Code Signing Certificates

Techinline uses a Code Signing Certificate issued by the Comodo Certificate Authority that is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

In addition, to ensure protection and integrity of its software packages, Techinline relies on Microsoft Authenticode Technology.

For Techinline users, Authenticode technology implies the following:
  • Software Source: End-users can confirm that the software package is authentic and comes directly from Techinline.
  • End-users can verify that the software package has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed by Techinline.

Constant Improvement

Achieving the highest level of security remains a top priority of Techinline. Our development team conducts constant quality assurance testing with the goal of protecting our customers in "up-to-date" conditions. We take full responsibility for the safety and privacy of our clients.

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