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Disconnecting from the Client

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To end the current support session (and optionally start a session with another Client), you must disconnect from the Client's computer.

To disconnect from the Client's computer and end the current session:

In the Expert Main Form (Active Session Status), click the Disconnect button.

The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status)

The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status)

You will be disconnected from the Client's computer and the Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status) will appear. You will receive the following message: "Client has been disconnected from the support session."

The Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status)

The Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status)

Note. If you are logged into the system but are not connected to the Client, you will be automatically logged out after 8 hours of inactivity after disconnecting from the Client.

You can also end the session by pressing the End Session button () or close the Expert Application window.

Once you have disconnected from the Client, you may do any of the following:

Start another support session
Finish working with the service


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