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Expert's Chat Panel

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The Chat Panel is a part of the Expert Main Form (Active Session Status) and the Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status).

The built-in Chat Panel allows you to interact with the Client via text chat after the connection with the Client has been established.

The Chat Panel consists of the following elements:

The Expert's Chat Panel

The Expert's Chat Panel

The Chat Board displays the following messages:
oA welcoming message, which contains information about your login and Expert license type.
oInformation about the session: when the remote session with the Client was established and ended, session length.
oChat messages.
The Send Messages Panel is used to write instant chat messages.
The Send button sends the written message. To send a message, you can also press ENTER.
The Typing status bar displays the message "Client is typing a message..." when typing is in progress.

Note. Once the Client is disconnected from the support session, the Send Messages Panel and the Send button are disabled.


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