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Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status)

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The Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status) appears when you have logged in to the Techinline Remote Desktop service as the Expert (to offer technical support or any other form of assistance to the Client) but a connection has not been established with the Client.

In this form, you can establish a connection with the Client to start a support session.


The Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status) consists of the following parts:

The Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status)

The Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status)

Connection Panel:
oThe Client ID field allows you to enter the Client ID provided by the Client. Client ID is a service-generated 6-digit number which is used to identify the Client during their connection to the support session. The Client always receives a new Client ID which cannot be used for the second time to connect to an Expert's support session. To learn how the Client can obtain their Client ID and send the Client ID to you, see the topics Launching the Service and Sending Client ID in the Client's User Guide.
oThe Client Name field allows you to enter the short name of the client of the support session with the Client (this field is optional: it may be left empty and can be edited later during the session). The content of this field will be displayed in remote sessions reports (reports which keep track of all conducted sessions and provide information output on them).
oThe Connect button connects you to the Client using their Client ID. The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status) will appear.
Chat Board of the Chat Panel displays service messages. Chat with the Client is enabled in the Expert Main Form (Active Session Status).
oHome Tab. This tab opens the Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status) from other windows when you are not connected to the Client.
oMy Account Tab. This tab opens the My Account Form which allows you to manage your Techinline account.
oUnattended Clients Tab. This tab opens the Unattended Clients Form which allows you to manage your Unattended clients.
oSupport Tab. This tab opens the Support Form which allows you to contact the Techinline support department.
oThe Get Context Help button () opens context sensitive help that is related to the current context.
oThe End Session button () finishes work with the Techinline service. The Expert Log In Form will appear.
Version number shows the current version of your Techinline Remote Desktop service.


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