About Techinline | FixMe.IT Remote Support Software

Company Information

Techinline Ltd. was founded in 2006 by a group of highly-experienced professionals in the IT and business development fields. Our mission is to provide businesses and home users alike with an easy to use and cost-effective remote support application. By combining a professional business approach with the bright ideas of talented developers from all over the world, Techinline has made this task a reality.

Techinline’s universality, ease of use, distinctive customer handling, and most importantly, reasonable and flexible pricing have contributed to our success. As a result, we are increasingly called upon to improve the mobility and business productivity for our customers. This involves developing and implementing new features, as well as performing constant testing and maintenance of existing technology and processes. We are also committed to expanding our global infrastructure and presence, thereby widening worldwide customer-base as well as serving customers in their local environment.

Our Approach: We have a good understanding of small businesses and their requirements because Techinline itself started out as a startup company that has grown over the years. This "small business approach" helps us effectively understand and resolve our customers' problems when many of our competitors may not bother to do so.