Remote support features

FixMe.IT is equipped with everything you’ll need for delivering top-level technical support to your clients.

Key Features

  • Multi-session handling
    Connect to and manage an unlimited number of remote computers at the same time.
  • Unattended access
    Configure remote computers or servers for unattended remote access and organize them by groups for convenient management.
  • Drag-and-drop file transfer
    Drag-and-drop files and folders directly to or from the remote desktop window, or even between client machines.
  • Shared clipboard
    Share clipboard data (text, images, files, etc.) between your own and customer's computers.
  • Instant chat
    Communicate with the remote user over instant live chat.
  • Whiteboard tools
    Enhance your presentations or training sessions with the use of laser pointer, drawing and magnifier tools.
  • Perform administrative tasks
    Install software, change system-wide settings and perform other tasks that require administrative rights on the remote computer.
  • MSI package
    Mass deploy the client application using Group Policy or include it as part of your software package.
  • Session reporting
    Track the time spent supporting your customers, create custom notes and generate data-rich session reports.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete combination
    Send a Ctrl-Alt-Delete combination to the remote computer to logon or change a Windows password.
  • Logoff-logon and switch user
    Remotely logoff/logon on a customer's computer to perform various tasks without interrupting the active session.
  • Two-way desktop sharing
    Connect to a remote computer screen or share your own screen with a remote user.
  • Multi-window control
    Multitask more effectively by viewing, controlling and switching between all of the connected remote desktops at the same time.
  • Powerful scaling settings
    Take advantage of numerous scaling options to adjust and conveniently navigate the remote screen of any size.
  • Legacy OS support
    Easily connect to widely used legacy operating systems, such as Windows XP and Server 2003.
  • Multi-monitor navigation
    Easily view and control any number of monitors connected to the remote computer.
  • Reboot and automatically reconnect
    Restart a remote computer in regular or Safe Mode without terminating an active support session.
  • Video session recording
    Capture active support sessions in their entirety for auditing and training purposes and view them at any time.
  • Admin rights not required
    Customer doesn't require admin rights to run the FixMe.IT application.
  • Branding options
    Easily customize the client support page or fully integrate the application into your website.
  • GDPR & HIPAA compliance
    With its extensive set of communication security features, FixMe.IT ensures full compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI regulations.
  • Two-factor authentication
    Strengthen the security of your account with optional two-factor authentication.

Key Advantages

Fast and easy connection to a remote computer

Connect to a remote user in three simple steps without configuring network settings or installing software. All your client has to do is open a webpage and tell you their 6-digit Client ID number.

Remote support of unattended computers*

Setup an unattended client application on the remote computer or server (including Windows Server Core) and connect at any time without the client's presence or involvement.

Perform the same operations in unattended mode that are available during a regular session.

*A single seat allows to configure up to 200 machines for unattended access.

Best performance and highest reliability

FixMe.IT uses a network of communication servers distributed in various regions across the world. This system identifies the optimal connection path between the Expert and Client and reroutes to another communication server if the original server fails or is disregarded for any reason.

Access your clients transparently behind firewalls, proxy, NAT

No matter where you or your clients are located, you will always be able to run a support session and connect to the client's computer without reconfiguring any network settings.

Designed for maximum security and protection

All communication between you and your client is transmitted through HTTPS protocol. FixMe.IT uses industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption to ensure complete security and confidentiality of the support session.

Learn more about FixMe.IT security

Provide your clients with branded support

Integrate the client support page into your own company's website design! This ensures that your customers will request remote support directly from your website and simplifies the entire connection process.

Learn more about our branding capabilities