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Common Pricing Questions

What is a seat?

The number of seats determines how many techs can use FixMe.IT at the same time. The more seats you get, the more techs can use the application simultaneously.

Can I add more logins to my seat so that each tech uses their own credentials?

Yes, you can add more logins to your seat at no extra cost by simply contacting our support team.

How many computers can I connect to using my seat?

You can connect to an unlimited number of remote computers using your seat.

How many unattended computers can I configure using my seat?

You can configure up to 200 unattended computers with a single seat.

Are there any upgrade or extra costs?

There are no extra costs and you will not be charged for any future upgrades.

Can I change or cancel my plan at anytime?

Yes, your plan can be can changed or canceled at any time by simply contacting our support team.

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