Techinline is an ideal tool for experienced technicians supporting inexperienced users

Easy Instant Connection

The entire connection process is as simple as it gets:

  • Run the expert application from Fixme.IT/Expert or your desktop
  • Direct your customer to Fixme.IT to retrieve their 6-digit Client ID number
  • Use this number to start the support session

It does not matter whether you or your clients are located behind a firewall, proxy server, or NAT: Techinline guarantees a trouble-free connection in any environment.

Get the best performance out of your customer support team

Provide your technical support team with a powerful tool for delivering effective on-demand assistance to your customers wherever they are. You can integrate our solution into your website in order to simplify the connection process for your customers, while also promoting your brand. Even the least "computer-savvy" users will not run into any issues with joining your support session.

Please read our white papers for detailed information about Techinline and its capabilities:

Secure Data Transfer

All communication between session participants is transmitted using secure HTTPS protocol. Techinline utilizes industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption technology (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure the outmost level of security and pivacy of transmitted data. This same technology is used to maintain the privacy of online banking transactions and nearly all other payment processing services on the Internet. It guarantees the highest level of service and security. Our SSL Certificates are issued by the Comodo Group.

For Techinline users this implies the following:

  • Screen captures, commands, and files cannot be intercepted or altered by a third party during transmission across the internet.
  • The user is guaranteed to work only with a genuine Techinline web server and never a scam server intended to replicate Techinline.

Two-Factor Authentication

Techinline delivers an additional, enhanced security layer with its Two-Factor Authentication login process, making it fully compliant with PCI's Data Security Standards. The Two-Factor login process requires the account holder's username and password as well as a virtual token sent via email, which has to be provided upon login.

The Two-Factor Authentication process is an optional feature which may be activated for any Techinline account upon their request at no extra cost.