Security Features

Deliver the highest level of service to your customers while keeping all communication fully transparent and secure.

Secure data transfer

All data transmitted with FixMe.IT is fully protected with the TLS 1.2 protocol using industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption that ensures the highest level of privacy and security. This means that your screen captures, commands, and files cannot be intercepted or altered by any third party during the session. All FixMe.IT SSL certificates are issued by the Comodo Group, a leading internet security provider.

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Reliable server network

Our application utilizes a secure network of geographically distributed communication servers that identifies the optimal connection between computers, and ensures that you always work with a genuine FixMe.IT server. With hardware firewalls and layered mitigation technology built into the architecture, our server network ensures that all communication between you and the remote user is highly reliable and secure.

Two-factor authentication

If you need an additional, enhanced security layer to protect your communication processes, FixMe.IT delivers optional two-factor authentication. The two-factor login process requires the account holder's username and password as well as a virtual token, which has to be provided upon login.

Detailed session reports

FixMe.IT delivers peace of mind to team managers and CIOs by allowing them to always stay on top of how the application is being used. With FixMe.IT, you’re able to transparently review the details of all activity logs, audit remote sessions, and generate reports of completed sessions.

Regulatory compliance

FixMe.IT has been built to provide you with the most secure way to access remote computers and transfer data. Through its set of communication security features, FixMe.IT can help your business meet various IT compliance regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

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Maximum customer protection

Customers are given full control over the remote session to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to their machines. For each session, FixMe.IT issues a unique Client ID that cannot be reused. The remote user will always observe what’s happening on their screen and can terminate the session at any time. Every unattended session requires Windows credentials provided by you or the remote user.

Trusted by customers around the globe

FixMe.IT is chosen by banks, government agencies, global brands and healthcare organizations worldwide.

Trusted by businesses worldwide