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General Questions

What is FixMe.IT?

FixMe.IT allows you to conduct remote desktop sessions reliably and securely. With the help of a basic internet connection and the FixMe.IT application, you're able to connect to one or more remote computers, view and/or control its keyboard and mouse, communicate via text chat, transfer files between computers, reboot and automatically reconnect, video record the session, share your own desktop with a remote user, and much more. See what users are saying about FixMe.IT on

How much does it cost?

Techinline offers an unlimited subscription available on a monthly ($30) and yearly ($300) basis. For a full summary of the available pricing options, please refer to the Pricing page.

What can I do with FixMe.IT?

With FixMe.IT, you can perform almost any task imaginable right from the comfort of your own computer. For example, you can:
  • View remote clients' desktops and use various key features such as file transfer and auto-reboot.
  • Run applications on a remote computer and control its desktop as if you're sitting right in front of it.
  • Share your desktop with a remote party to conduct demo sessions, presentations, or provide on-screen instructions.
  • Allow the remote party to work with your desktop the same way you do with theirs.
  • Configure machines for unattended access and connect at any point without the client's intervention.

How can I use FixMe.IT?

There are numerous purposes of remote access. Here are the most common applications of the FixMe.IT remote desktop application:
  • Technical support/helpdesk service. Remotely assist your customers and users.
  • After-hours maintenance and support. Connect to unattended machines during after-hours.
  • Online product showcases. Help your prospective clients navigate through your offers efficiently, or demonstrate your products live and interactively.
  • Collaborate and review documents with your customer. Examine spreadsheets, charts, and slides. Focus on important data and simplify complicated documents in real time.
  • Obtain approvals for your design work from customers that are thousands of miles away; show photos, sketches, 3D models, charts, and presentations.
Please visit our Features section to learn other ways in which you can use our application to increase your revenue or reduce costs.

How easy is it to set up and use?

All your remote client needs to do is open the FixMe.IT Support Request page ( in their browser. You can also embed FixMe.IT into your own website and direct clients to run the application from there. All that's needed for this is an internet connection. The user will be prompted to run a small application. After running the application, the Client will be displayed a randomly generated Client ID number and will be ready to join the remote support session.

For the Expert, things are just as straightforward. Initially, all you need to do is run the FixMe.IT application ( A FixMe.IT desktop icon will appear on your desktop. Run the icon to open the Expert application. Enter the Client ID obtained by the remote client and start a remote session. It really is as simple as that!

Please remember that neither you or your remote clients have to:
  • Open any ports or configure your firewall in any way.
  • Know any IP addresses or other technical networking details.

Is FixMe.IT secure?

FixMe.IT is completely secure:
  • You don't have to open any ports or adjust your network security settings.
  • All session and visual data, as well as keyboard and mouse control are encrypted with 256-bit encryption and are transmitted over SSL connection, the standard for secure Internet communication.
  • FixMe.IT certificates are issued by the Comodo Group, a global leader in internet security.

Does FixMe.IT contain any code other than the remote desktop functionality?

FixMe.IT contains ONLY the code required for remote desktop functionality.
  • FixMe.IT does NOT contain any code that is not required for remote desktop functionality.
  • FixMe.IT does NOT collect any personal information or system data from the user's PC or from any other PC in the user's network.
  • FixMe.IT does NOT allow access to the user's PC without their explicit permission.
  • FixMe.IT Desktop does NOT contain spyware, adware, tracking software, or any other type of unwanted software.

What are the system requirements?

FixMe.IT is currently available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. For detailed system requirements, please refer to the System Requirements page.

Can I change the email address used as the FixMe.IT login? Does the login email address have to be real?

Yes, please contact our Customer Service team using your current email login, and provide us with the new email address which you would prefer to designate as your login.

Is FixMe.IT HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA Compliance is applicable only to entities covered by HIPAA regulations (healthcare organizations). Nevertheless, the technical security controls employed in the FixMe.IT service and Expert and Client applications meet HIPAA technical standards.

Learn more about FixMe.IT's compliance with HIPAA regulations

Is Techinline FixMe.IT compliant with PCI standards?

Organizations that handle cardholder data in any way must meet strict requirements to be PCI compliant. As a remote desktop application, Techinline FixMe.IT does not store, process, or transmit cardholder data in any way. Therefore, PCI compliance does not directly apply to Techinline FixMe.IT.

At the same time, FixMe.IT is fully responsible and committed to providing a secure remote desktop software that allows PCI-compliant organization meet PCI requirements and maintain their compliance.

Learn how Techinline FixMe.IT allows organizations to comply with their PCI requirements

Using the application

How do I transfer a file or folder from my computer to the remote computer, or vice versa?

There are several methods for the file transfer operation:
  • Copy/Paste: Select the preferred object(s) and Copy them to your clipboard by right-clicking the mouse and choosing the necessary command, or by pressing CTRL+C. Go to the location where you would like to place the object(s), and Paste them by right-clicking the mouse and choosing the necessary command, or by pressing CTRL+V. A Progress Bar will indicate that the transfer is taking place.
  • Drag-n-Drop: Select the preferred object(s) on the local computer, drag them into the Remote Desktop Control window, and paste the object(s) in a target location on the remote computer. A Progress Bar will indicate that the transfer is taking place.
  • Send File Button: Use the 'Send File' button found on the Expert application during a remote session to select a file and press the Open button. A Progress Bar will indicate that the transfer is taking place.

How do I change my login password?

Please run the FixMe.IT application and go to My Account->Edit Profile->Change Password.

How can I send Ctrl-Alt-Delete combination to the remote computer?

You may use the Ctrl-Alt-End combination to send a Ctrl-Alt-Delete command to the remote computer. You may also use the Ctrl-Alt-Delete button in the Remote Control window.

Do I have to use all of the purchased sessions with only one customer?

No. You can use the sessions with different customers from different computers at any time in the future.

If I purchase multiple licenses, can I create separate logins for the licenses?

Yes, you can either maintain multiple licenses as a single shared multi-user account OR create individual logins. Please contact our sales team and provide the email address(es) that you wish to assign as the individual logins.

I am unable to see the Windows User Account Control (UAC) warning prompts which appear on the Client's screen. How do I get these messages to appear locally?

This occurs when the Client is logged in under a Standard User Account (does not have administrator rights). In this case, upon running the application, the remote Client will be asked to enter the administrator password. This must be done in order for you to view and control the UAC warning messages on your screen. By proceeding without entering the administrator password, the application will work, but UAC message prompts will not appear on your screen. If the Client was started as a Standard User, you also have the option to Restart as a System Service to provide the administrator password and elevate to an administrator account.

What is/are the potential cause(s) of the following error message: "The remote machine cannot capture the screen for the following reason The handle is invalid"

This error may be encountered in the following situations:
  • If the Client is logged in as a standard user (does not have administrative rights on the machine) and has selected "No" in the first User Account Control (UAC) dialog prompt upon running the FixMe.IT In this case, the Expert is unable to see the UAC prompts which appear on the remote machine during a FixMe.IT Remote Control session, and receives the "Invalid Handle" error message instead. In order for the Expert to see all UAC dialogs which appear during a FixMe.IT session, the Client must select "Yes" in the first dialog prompt which appears upon running the FixMe.IT application and provide the administrator password on the machine.
  • Upon attempting to switch a Windows user during a FixMe.IT Remote Control session. At this time, switching users during a Remote Control session cannot be done. To run an application as a different user, please use the "Run As..." command.
  • As the result of a Windows session for some reason being blocked on the remote machine. For example, the error message will appear if the Client has connected to a server through a Windows Remote Desktop Connection, runs the FixMe.IT application and accepts the connection, and then proceeds to close the Windows Remote Desktop Connection. As a "work-around" to this problem, avoid the Windows session being blocked. In the example provided above, this is done by maintaining the Windows Remote Desktop Connection for the duration of the FixMe.IT session.

After running an application on the remote machine, I've lost the ability to control the mouse and/or keyboard. What may be the cause of this problem?

Upon running the FixMe.IT application on Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7 with an activated User Account Control (UAC), the Client is requested to provide elevated permissions for the application. If the Client selects "Cancel" in the UAC dialog prompt, the application will be runed with restricted privileges and access to applications which require administrative privileges will be restricted. For example, if "Computer Management" has been runed in "Run As Administrator" mode and the elevated permissions have not been provided for the FixMe.IT application, the Expert will be unable to control the "Computer Management" application. Instead, the Expert may receive a white screen along with an "Invalid Handle" message. There are two possible "workarounds" to this problem:
  • The application which is blocking the Expert's control may be minimized or set to inactive (focus set to another application). The Expert will now be able to control the remote machine, but will lose control as soon as focus is set to any application running in "Administrator" mode.
  • Ask the Client to select "Yes" in the first UAC dialog prompt which appears to the Client upon running the FixMe.IT application. As a result, FixMe.IT will be running in "Administrator" mode and the Expert will be able to control any applications on the remote machine.

When I attempt to copy a file from my machine and try to paste it to the remote machine I get a window that states that the files is being copied, but upon the file transfer's completion, the file does not appear in the target location on the remote machine. What may be the cause of this?

Upon starting the file transfer, the progress bar appears to monitor the status of the transfer. After the transfer has been completed, the progress bar should disappear and the copied content should appear in the selected location on the target computer.

If the machine to which the files are being copied is either Windows Vista or Windows 7, the copied files may not immediately appear in the target location due to a Windows limitation. This limitation effects large file transfers that take several minutes or more to complete. Although the files have been copied to the remote machine, they do not appear in the target location.

If the file has not appeared in the target location following the file transfer's completion, simply paste it again. The transferred content will be immediately transferred from cache and will appear in the target location without repeating the file transfer.

When operating in the Remote Control mode and attempting to perform an installation, I receive a Windows User Account Control (UAC) pop-up to enter the admin password on the remote machine. I can see the UAC dialog box but am unable to input anything into its fields. What may be the cause of this?

The UAC prompt appears for various actions requiring Windows admin privileges, such as performing installations on the machine or updating its Windows settings. The User Account Control setting is available on the Windows 7 Operating System.

The described situation is encountered when the Expert is attempting to perform system changes on a Windows 7 machine with an enabled UAC and the FixMe.IT application is running in User Mode (the Client clicked No in the UAC dialog upon running the FixMe.IT application). In this case, the Expert is able to view the UAC dialog prompt but is unable to enter anything into its fields.

To avoid this problem, the Client must run FixMe.IT in Administrator Mode by answering Yes to the first UAC dialog prompt which appears upon running the FixMe.IT application. This will provide the Expert with full access to all UAC dialog prompts encountered during the remote session.

Pricing & Orders

How many clients can I support with a single seat?

A single FixMe.IT seat can be used to support an unlimited number of "on-demand" (attended) clients and up to 150 unattended machines.

How many clients can I support simultaneously using a single seat?

You can support an unlimited number of remote clients simultaneously using a single seat.

What is meant by concurrent licensing?

FixMe.IT's licensing structure is based strictly on concurrent technicians. This means that a FixMe.IT seat is not tied to any specific technician or machine, and can be shared amongst multiple users or installed on any number of machines. However, each seat can be used by a single technician at a given time. If you need to run multiple simultaneous/concurrent technicians, a corresponding number of seats is required.

What if I need to support more than 150 unattended machines?

Each FixMe.IT seat can be used to configure up to 150 machines for unattended access. Additional seats can be purchased to expand the unattended machine limit. Please contact our sales team if you wish to upgrade your account or expand the unattended machine limit.

Can I pay by Purchase Order?

Annual orders can be paid by PO. If you wish to pay by PO, please contact our sales team to obtain a formal quote and start the PO process.

What payment methods do you accept?

Available payment methods include credit card, PayPal, Check/Money Order, and Wire Transfer. Please contact our sales team to obtain a formal invoice and payment instructions for a wire transfer or check order.

Can I pay using PayPal?

Yes, a PayPal order can be placed on this page.

How can I add more seats to an existing account?

Please contact our sales team if you wish to add seats or upgrade your existing FixMe.IT account, and we will provide the corresponding payment instructions.

How do I upgrade from a free trial to a paid account?

You may upgrade your trial account to a paid subscription by submitting an order on our Pricing page. Alternatively, you may submit the upgrade order directly from the Expert app using the "Upgrade License" option. Please contact our sales team if you need further assistance with upgrading to a paid account.

How can I reactivate an expired or canceled subscription?

An expired FixMe.IT subscription can be easily reactivated using the "Renew License" option on the Expert app interface. Alternatively, please contact our sales team if you need assistance with renewing your subscription and we will provide the corresponding instructions.

Can I purchase a manually renewable subscription?

FixMe.IT offers a manually renewable annual subscription which can be purchased using this order form.

Are there any educational or non-profit discounts?

We're happy to provide a 5% non-profit or educational discount on an annual order. Please contact our sales team to obtain a discounted quote or invoice for your order.

Do you provide volume discounts?

Volume discounts are available on orders of 20 or more licenses. The regular price applies to all orders under 20 licenses.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All FixMe.IT subscriptions are auto-renewable by default. If you decide to cancel the subscription and disable any further auto-renewal charges, simply submit your cancellation request to our sales team. Your subscription will remain fully active for the remainder of the paid subscription term and will expire at the end of the paid subscription term.

What happens after I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will remain fully active for the remainder of the paid subscription term and will expire at the end of the paid subscription term. Note: Any existing unattended machines on the account will be automatically deleted 30 days after the expiration date.

Can I create multiple logins for my seat?

Yes, you can assign up to 4 additional "sub logins" for your seat. Please contact our sales team if you wish to add sub-logins to your FixMe.IT account. Note: If you have multiple logins tied to a single seat, only one of those logins can be used at any given time.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, FixMe.IT offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy. If you're dissatisfied with the FixMe.IT product for any reason, please submit your refund request to our sales team within 30 days of the initial order and we will issue a full refund.

Can I switch between the available subscription plans?

Yes, you can switch your subscription plan at any point prior to the next renewal date. Please contact our sales team so that the necessary changes can be made within our billing system.

FixMe.IT & US Sales Tax

Why am I being charged US Sales Tax?

Techinline relies on two third-party payment processing systems, Bluesnap and FastSpring, to handle its billing matters. Legally speaking, FastSpring and Bluesnap are considered the Merchant of Record for Techinline orders. Given that both Bluesnap and FastSpring are US-based entities, they must operate under US tax legislation and orders processed by these platforms are subject to US sales tax.

Where do your payment partners collect US Sales Tax?

As a Massachusetts-based corporation, Bluesnap collects US Sales Tax for any new or recurring FixMe.IT orders originating from Massachusetts. Orders processed by FastSpring may be subject to sales tax in certain states.

Learn more about FastSpring’s tax collection policies

Is US Sales Tax included in the prices listed on your website?

The US Sales Tax amount is an additional fee which is applied to the price displayed on Techinline’s Pricing page and effects only orders that are subject to sales tax in specific states. Where applicable, the actual sales tax amount will be displayed on the checkout page.

I’ve never had to pay a US Sales Tax before, what’s changed?

In accordance with US state tax legislation, Techinline’s payment partners began collecting US Sales Tax in applicable states starting July 2017. We regret that US Sales Tax increases the overall cost of our product. However, as a legitimate company, Techinline and its billing partners strive to fully comply with all global and local tax laws.

Since the US tax policy is constantly changing, we will do our best to inform our customers as soon as we learn about any new developments.

Are there any exemptions? How can I get a refund for US Sales Tax?

Orders are subject to a tax exemption if valid documentation is provided following the payment. Please supply proof of your tax exempt status to our sales team and we will issue a corresponding refund for the paid tax.