Techinline - Testimonials

"Techinline has immensely helped us with our support capabilities by providing a perfect source for remote access at a great price! Thanks Techinline for giving Progressive Networks the ability to resolve issues quickly!"

Scott Drexel, Progressive Networks


"Having to provide software support worldwide it's of enormous benefit having techinline remote desktop available. Not only does this save money in terms of travel expenses it enables to respond more quickly and efficient to customer demands and querries it's easy and uncomplicated to use and I wouldn't like to miss it."

Hans Schillings, Herman Miller, Inc.


"Techinline has improved our support turn over time drastically. In the past we would have to spend endless amounts of time getting things like a VPN connection established, or ports opened on a customer's firewall just to gain access. With Techinlines web based application it has helped streamline our entire support process."

Steve Pastore, UltraRAD Corp.


"Before we used Techinline, remote support was painful. Our employees are either on site with a customer or working remote in another state. Trying to reach them can be difficult or unrealistic. Windows Remote Desktop did not always work because of a firewall or the machine has Windows Vista, which does not allow a Windows XP machine to connect."

Kevin Dimond, CIO for Dimond Hospitality Services, Inc.


"High Level Studios LLC. Uses Techinline to ensure clients in all areas of the Country receive the High Level Technical Support services. Thank you Techinline for helping High Level Studios LLC. Stay on the cutting edge of technology."

Scott Eagle, President, High Level Studios LLC.


"Techinline gives us the upper hand on our competitors by allowing us to utilize all of their design and infrastructure as if it were our own. We were already very versed with Microsoft's Remote Desktop service so using Techinline was a cinch. We are now able to remotely assist a customer at their pc without any complicated router configurations or changes to their computer. We depend on Techinline every day and have not been let down by their great product even once."

Jeremie Mize, Mid-South Computer Networking, Inc.


"Techinline provides a valuable resource to our technical support staff who use the technology to undertake remote testing and diagnostics."

Chris Vickers, Blueberry Software Ltd.


"From a support view, Techinline makes our job so much easier. No longer do we need to spend hours on the phone trying to explain to clients how to resolve their issues, instead we just connect to their pc and show them how it's done. A huge time saver for both client and support personnel."

Glenn Cook, FX Web Creations Pty Ltd.


"Techinline gives iConsultU, LLC clients a fast, safe and secure solution for all of it Remote Access needs."

Greg Penbe, President iConsultU, LLC.


"Techinline remote desktop allows us to quickly and efficiently service our customers, reducing lengthy support phone calls and the amount of time it takes to solve technical issues, at a fraction of the cost of their competitors."

Jason D. Derstine, Alura Business Solutions, LLC


"By utilizing Techinline's Remote Desktop service, we can better serve our customers technical support needs. It has all the features of Microsoft's Remote Assisstance, but without the hassles of reconfiguring routers' port forwarding features. This makes the whole tech support experience much easier on the customer."

Christopher M. Boerm, Advantage Computers


"Techinline helps us connect directly to our customers individual machines directly and securely through the internet. This allows us to support customers in ways not possible before with the minimal of effort. In the past we've had access to servers on customer sites via Terminal Services or similar, but never a successful solution like this for support individual PCs without any previous setup or configuration."

Andy Moore, Selima Software Limited


"We are a large non-profit and support 180+ users in 33 offices throughout the state of New Mexico. In the past it has always been very time consuming trying to provide support to each office and has required spending hours on the phone attempting to explain how to install an update or trouble shoot a malfunction. With Techinline it now takes less than a minute to connect to the remote computer and either walk the user through the procedure or trouble shoot the problem. An added bonus was that it costs less than our previous solution which didn't always work."

Marc B. Lingenfelter, HELP - New Mexico, Inc.


"The Techinline service has increased our productivity dramatically, our Technicians can spend more time on repairing client PC issues than on Traveling to clients sites."

Eric Munoz, President, Mutech Computer Services