Data Pigeon

UK-based collaboration software provider delivers real-time remote support and trainings with FixMe.IT

In a modern world of cloud and mobile technologies when there can be miles between a business with expanding global footprint and its clients, it’s crucial to get any service-related issues resolved in a timely manner and eliminate the need for costly employee travel. Data Pigeon, a UK-based collaboration software provider, chose FixMe.IT to deliver one-to-one remote support in real-time and ensure that any client issue can be turned into an excellent and positive experience.

Data Pigeon offers an Android/iOS application that empowers mobile workforces and improves collaboration by delivering business-critical data directly to employees’ mobile devices. They needed to identify a cost-effective remote desktop tool that would allow their helpdesk to provide a range of personal and proactive services including remote assistance, training and fault identification, rather than relying solely on customers browsing their knowledge base for product-related questions. That’s where FixMe.IT came to help.

"FixMe.IT allows us to provide one-to-one support anywhere in the world without the cost of travel and in an extremely timely fashion. We chose it for a combination of reasons. Firstly, the company was very quick to respond and provided clear and complete answers in our initial discussions. Secondly, the pricing model is flexible and suited us. Pricing is reasonable."Gareth Scragg, Marketing Director, Data Pigeon

Serving a number of customers from various industries, Data Pigeon offers a very agile solution to mobilizing critical information, and FixMe.IT, in turn, provides an agile solution to support the company’s clients.

"Our customers love the fact that we can provide them with near instant one-to-one help."

According to Gareth Scragg, the Data Pigeon team is truly satisfied with FixMe.IT’s user-friendly interface and functionality:

"Two-way desktop sharing has proved to be very useful. The ability to work effectively with multiple monitors is also really useful these days. Text chat is great and can help avoid phone calls, while the drawing tool is a brilliant way to highlight exactly what you are explaining or doing."


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