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UK-based domiciliary software developer improves remote customer support and hosts online trainings with FixMe.IT

ICT Bureau provides a bespoke end-to-end software solution called Agency Manager, designed specifically for Domiciliary and Nursing Agencies within the Care sector. ICT Bureau’s technical sales and support departments use FixMe.IT on a daily basis to host online demonstrations for potential clients, provide and manage online training for new software adopters, and support existing clients with their requests.

"The ICT Bureau strives to provide a high quality service to all clients that utilize our software. Using FixMe.IT helps us provide this service first and foremost by enabling us to deliver incredibly quick and efficient client support. In fact, by using FixMe.IT, while our client is on the telephone requesting support, we can instantly gain remote access to their computer to help diagnose and resolve any issue before the telephone call is completed. This increases client satisfaction with our service as support questions or issues are handled and resolved quickly and within clients’ SLA targets."David Askill, Technical Sales & Support, ICT Bureau

FixMe.IT is also used by ICT Bureau’s technical sales team to deliver online software demonstrations to potential clients, without the need to send employees to the client’s premises. This not only allowed ICT Bureau to cut unnecessary travel costs dramatically, but also schedule more online demonstrations throughout the day, as travel time, delayed meetings etc., no longer had an impact. The knock-on effect of being able to complete more demonstrations, is the increase in new clients signing up with the ICT Bureau.

Likewise, FixMe.IT allows new clients to complete their training online, which again removes the need to send resources externally and provides ICT Bureau with the opportunity to increase the number of training sessions completed each day. This means the company’s staff is now able to schedule more regular training sessions, which helps ensure a quick adoption of ICT Bureau’s service, and also enables them to accommodate unscheduled/ad-hoc training that certain clients may require in addition to their main training program.

"From our clients perspective FixMe.IT is incredibly easy to use. We simply guide the client to fixme.it, ask them to press enter and then read out the six-digit code – they don’t need to register, they don’t need to set anything up, they’re not bombarded with advertising, and lastly, the service always works!"

Before using FixMe.IT, support requests were raised either by email or through the ICT Bureau website. This method of communication was time consuming and often meant that not all details of the issue or query were included in the original request, meaning additional communication with the client was needed prior to starting an investigation.

"We took the decision to use FixMe.IT as it offered us a cost-effective way to manage and deliver high-quality client support. Now with FixMe.IT, we can connect to our clients’ computers instantly, and discuss the issue in real-time whilst being able to see exactly what our client sees on their machine."

Another benefit that ICT Bureau has found in FixMe.IT, is that unlike some other remote desktop applications they tested, it doesn’t get blocked by firewalls or any other security software. As the company has hundreds of users across the UK, many of them have different security products. Apart for the occasional exception, ICT Bureau finds all clients are able to use FixMe.IT to let technical staff access their desktop, no matter the additional security software installed. This helps improve the speed of ICT Bureau’s support by reducing connection issues.

"The main benefit of using FixMe.IT is the simple way we can connect to our clients’ desktops. There’s no complicated technical set-up that needs to be completed by the end user, so even people that are unfamiliar with using PC’s can easily allow us access."

One feature that the ICT Bureau’s technical sales team uses regularly is the ability to swap screens. This is especially helpful when they start going through training on more complicated aspects of software, such as system configuration (for example creating a pay and invoice rates table).

"With FixMe.IT we can show the client on their own system the way pay and invoice rates are entered, and if needed, can easily change view so they can see our training database screen with completed examples."

Another feature that the company has found useful, mainly from an internal perspective, is being able to run reports on the number of times FixMe.IT has been utilized. It allows ICT Bureau to quickly produce reports taking into account specific date ranges, IP addresses used and connected to, and also filter by client name to see the breakdown of demonstrations completed vs. training session completed vs. support sessions completed.

"Our customers appreciate the speed and the ease of how we can access their desktop to help them resolve issues. Some more technically cautious (or data sensitive) clients also welcome the fact that we have to be "allowed" access to their desktop, either by the end-user confirming a reference number, or having to click "accept to allow access."


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