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UK-based e-learning company utilizes FixMe.IT to provide remote assistance to a growing number of students

Practice Labs offers online training courses for IT students who want to cover various courseware and certification paths from the comfort of their own browser by giving them access to “real hardware” in the cloud. Established in 2006, the UK-based company continues to improve its e-learning platform to meet the needs of the growing number of learners.

At a certain point it became apparent that Practice Labs needed to provide a remote desktop solution for its users. The company’s team had looked at a number of remote support solutions including LogMeIn Hamachi and TeamViewer, however, they realized they required a more cost-effective solution at that point.

"FixMe.IT provides us the ability to see the end user’s problems directly, thus improving the resolution time. We have received 100% satisfaction from our users when engaging in a remote desktop session, which allows us to enhance the user experience of the Practice Labs."Ricky Doyle, Director, Practice Labs

As the remote support usage continued to grow over time, the company decided to switch over to an annual subscription that provides unlimited usage over the course of the subscription term and also includes running unlimited concurrent support sessions. At present, Practice Labs utilize FixMe.IT to provide remote assistance to end users, and mention ease of use and connection speed paired with licensing flexibility among the key strengths of the software:

"We find that the expert application interface is easy to use and navigate around and also the fact that we can use it from any computer that we would require. We also like how easy it is for our end users to download and provide the client ID to us."


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