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Pennsylvania-based software & consulting company provides remote support to customers with FixMe.IT

Customer satisfaction has always been at the core of Target Systems’ customer service policy. The Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based company’s philosophy of providing high-quality work to its clients extends to being a supportive employer and reliable business partner, which has helped Target Systems deliver top-notch logistics, information technology and consulting solutions for more than 20 years.

At some point, this type of strategy required a cost-efficient software tool that would allow easily connecting with the company’s employees working in the field, as well as providing remote assistance to clients whenever needed. After considering a number of available options, Target Systems chose Techinline FixMe.IT as the tool to support commercial customers along with its corporate network.

"The use of FixMe.IT greatly enhances the quality and productiveness of the technical meetings internally, while it has saved numerous service calls to the commercial customers, which saves both time and money for the customer, and, at the same time, increases the quality of our service."Steve Calaman, Network Administrator & Systems Consultant, Target Systems

As of now, Target Systems provides software solutions and IT consulting services along with managed hosting environment to a diverse portfolio of over a dozen clients, including Federal, State and local governments, healthcare organizations, and both large and small commercial customers.

With approximately 40 machines onsite, Target Systems uses FixMe.IT mostly to connect to offsite employees and customers for sharing desktops during meetings or conducting remote support sessions.

"FixMe.IT is user-friendly for the customer to initiate, and the ability to pull or push files to the remote computer has proven to be very useful. Having the capability to scan across two monitors connected on the remote end is a benefit. Viewing two remote screens on the expert end is usually pretty difficult to see detail without that capability."

Furthermore, according to Steve Calaman, one of the most important things is that customers enjoy the savings in time and money. They can get instant support without having to wait until the staff arrives on-site to solve their issues, which also enhances Target Systems’ quality of service delivered to the customer.


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