Your Web Help

Martin Caruana's small business delivers high-quality remote technical support with FixMe.IT

FixMe.IT is known for its reliability, customization capabilities and ultra-fast connectivity allowing to start a new remote support session in just seconds. That's why many small businesses and self-employed IT pros utilize FixMe.IT to quickly and painlessly resolve clients’ issues remotely. Take Martin Caruana’s Your Web Help as an example.

Martin’s small business offers a complete suite of services that would benefit any organization looking to outsource IT tasks to a high-skilled professional rather than choose a large service provider to do the job at a higher cost.

Your Web Help’s services include server and network maintenance, help desk, IT auditing, website and email hosting, and spam control. For on-demand and unattended remote support Martin has chosen Techinline FixMe.IT thanks to its unique combination of reliability, extensive feature set, attentive customer support, and cost-effectiveness:

"I have been using FixMe.IT for some time now and it has always performed very well. Yesterday I had to upgrade one of my client’s PCs to Windows 10. I was concerned about the upgrade because I was doing it remotely. FixMe.IT came through as always. There was only a very short amount of time that I was not connected. When the remote connection came back on, I was able to watch the upgrade complete and respond to the prompts. Thank you for having such a robust and reliable product."Martin Caruana, Owner & Operator, Your Web Help


Small tech support business based in Windsor, Ontario


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April 2010