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Client Box (Pre-Session Status)

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The Client Box (Pre-Session Status) is displayed when you have run the Techinline FixMe.IT application as the Client (to receive technical support or any other form of assistance from the Expert) but a connection has not yet been established with the Expert.

In this box, you can obtain your Client ID and send your Client ID to the Expert to join the session.

The Client Box (Active Session Status) consists of the following elements:

The Client Box (Pre-Session Status)

The Client Box (Pre-Session Status)

The Client ID field displays the Client ID that you should send to the Expert. The Client ID is a service-generated 6-digit number which is used to identify you as the Client during your connection to the support session. You always receive a new Client ID which cannot be used for a second time to connect to an Expert's support session.
The Send Client ID by Email link opens your default e-mail program (mail client) and automatically generates a new e-mail to send your Client ID to the Expert.



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