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Transferring objects using the drag & drop method can be performed only in FixMe.IT Control modes (Remote Desktop Control or Share Desktop Control) and NOT in View modes (Remote Desktop View or Share Desktop View):

The Remote Desktop Control mode allows the Expert to transfer objects to and from the Client's machine.
The Share Desktop Control mode allows the Client to transfer objects to and from the Expert's machine.

To drag&drop content between the Expert and the Client computers:

1.Select the object(s) (files, folders, or text) you would like to transfer (from the local computer to the remote computer, or vice versa) with the mouse or any other pointing device.
2.Locate the destination where you would like to paste the object(s).
3.Drag the selected object(s) to the desired location by pressing and holding down the left mouse button.
4.Drop the object(s) by releasing the left mouse button.

 The progress bar will appear. It displays the estimated time remaining until the completion of the transfer.

The Progress Bar

The Progress Bar




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