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Establishing an Unattended Connection

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To establish an Unattended Connection to a remote computer :

1.Open the Unattended Clients tab on the Main Expert form. The Unattended Clients form will appear.
The Unattended Clients Form

The Unattended Clients Form


2. Choose the computer you wish to access and click the Connect button.


Depending on whether the remote user is currently working on their computer or not, the following will occur:

If a user is currently working on the remote computer

They will be displayed a notification message that an Expert is attempting to connect to their computer along with a prompt to accept the connection:

Unattended Connection Request dialog

Unattended Connection Request dialog

Depending on the Client’s selection, the following will occur:

Client has declined the connection

You will receive the message: The Client has rejected the unattended connection.


Client has accepted the connection

Following this confirmation, the Expert will be connected to the desktop of the current Windows user and may perform other FixMe.IT operations.


Client does not make a selection within 30 seconds

Following an automated confirmation, the Expert will be connected to the remote computer, but the Windows desktop will be locked and you will be required to login using the remote Windows credentials.


The remote computer is currently not in use.

You will be connected to the remote computer and may perform other FixMe.IT operations.


When the Remote Desktop Control session has been established, you may log into Windows using one of the following methods:

If you know the Windows credentials, you may manually enter the username and password to log into Windows.
If the remote user has provided their login credentials for an unattended connection, you may click the Login With Provided Credentials button to login into Windows.
Click Login with Provided Credentials button

Click Login with Provided Credentials button

Note: The Login With Provided Credentials button is available only in Vista or later Operating Systems.

3. If the credentials that the remote user had provided are invalid at this time, you will receive the following message:

In this case, you must request the Client to update their Credentials or login into Windows manually.

4. After having logged in, you may perform other FixMe.IT operations that are available during a standard remote session
5. To stop working with the remote computer, click the Disconnect button on the Expert Main Form (Active Session Status).

After the Unattended Connection has been ended, the remote Windows desktop will be automatically locked in order to protect against any unauthorized access.


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