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Expert Log In Form

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Once you have installed Expert Desktop Application the application will be started automatically and the Expert Log In Form is displayed.

In this form, you can log in as the Expert to the Techinline Remote Desktop service. If you do not have an existing account, you may apply for a free trial account.

The Expert Log In Form

The Expert Log In Form

The form contains the following elements:

The Username field allows you to enter your login (the email address that was used to register your Techinline account).
The Password field allows you to enter your Techinline password.
The Forgot Password? link opens the Password Recovery Section to retrieve the password.
The Keep me signed in checkbox allows you to remember your Techinline login details (username and password) on the current computer. It works if the windows cookies are enabled on the computer.
The Sign in button logs you in to the Techinline Remote Desktop service using your login details (username and password). The Expert Main Form (Pre-Session Status) will appear.
The Sign up now link opens a page to register a Techinline free trial account.


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