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Purchasing the FixMe.IT Application

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FixMe.IT relies on Bluesnap , an independent E-Commerce system, to process online orders and collect payments for Techinline FixMe.IT.

All purchases are made online. The service is available immediately after the payment is processed.

The Techinline FixMe.IT application is available in two different license types:

Subscription License. Allows an unlimited number of sequential single sessions to be run over the space of the purchased term (month, quarter, half year, or year). The subscription license also includes Unattended Access functionality.

For instructions on how to buy a Subscription License, see the topic Purchasing Subscriptions.

Pay Per-Session License. A transparent "Pay As You Go" plan which ensures that you only pay based on the number of times you use the service. The cost of this prepayment plan depends on the number of purchased sessions (bundle). The Unattended Access feature is not available with the Per-Session license. For instructions on how to buy a Pay Per-Session License, see the topic Purchasing Sessions.

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