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Interacting with the Client via Chat

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You can interact with the Client during the session via FixMe.IT's text chat (Chat Panel).

To use text chat:

1.Connect to the Client's computer and start the support session. The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status) will appear.
The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status)

The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status)

2.Chat through the Chat Panel:
The Chat Panel

The Chat Panel

Write your message to the Client in the Send Messages Panel.
To add a new line, press SHIFT-ENTER.
To send the written message, click the Send button or press ENTER.
Your chat messages and the Client's messages are displayed in the Chat Board. The typing status message appears when the Client is typing a message to you.

Note. The Chat Board will display the message history of all Clients that were connected since you logged in as the Expert. The message history will be displayed until you finish working with the FixMe.IT application. However, each Client will see the text message history only related to their support session.


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