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Using the Session Video Recording Tool

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The Session Video Recording tool allows you to capture and store video recording of the support session. This tool may be useful when you need to record details of the performed session.

The recorded file type is Windows Media Audio/Video file (.WMV). You need to have Windows Media Player 9.x or later installed on your computer.

To record the remote desktop session:

1.Press the Start Session recording button:

2.After pressing the Session recording button, your video will be automatically recorded to the 'My documents' folder. The following message will appear in the chat board:
Remote session recording started

Remote session recording started

To change the folder where the recorded video will be saved, press Settings - Set Record Video Folder and select the necessary folder.

3.During the video capturing process, the recording button will be marked red ().
4.To stop the recording, press the Session recording button again. The recording will stop automatically if you close the Remote Desktop View/Remote Desktop Control window or disconnect from the remote desktop session. To view the recorded file, press the Show in folder button.
Remote session recording finished

Remote session recording finished

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