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Safe Reboot and Reconnect

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Safe Reboot and Reconnect operation allows you to reboot the remote computer in Safe mode and reconnect to the support session.

This option is available when the remote client has administrative rights.


To remotely reboot the Client's remote computer in Safe mode:

1.Connect to the Client's computer and start the support session. The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status) will appear.
The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status)

The Expert Main Form (Active Session Status)


2. If the Client does not have Administrative rights you first need to Restart the Client as a Windows service.

3.Click the Reboot and reconnect the remote computer button  ().
4. Choose Safe Reboot and Reconnect menu item
Click Safe Reboot and Reconnect

Click Safe Reboot and Reconnect

4. Click OK on the confirmation message in the chat board:

Note: If you click Cancel button the operation will be canceled and the message will disappear.


When the reboot has been started you will receive the following message:

While the client is being restarted, all buttons except for Reboot will be grayed out.

If the Client's application is started with administrative rights, when the Client is on the Windows logon screen the following message will be displayed in the Expert Chat Board and the Remote View/Control operation will be active:


When the system restarts, the remote session will be restored:


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