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Specifying Image Quaity

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You can manage the image quality of the Client's remote desktop during the View Remote Desktop and Control Remote Desktop modes.

To specify the remote desktop image quality:

1.Click the Options button. The Options menu will open.

2.Choose the Image quality menu item.

3.Click one of the following Image Quality options:

Better Speed - 8-bit color is used.
Optimal Speed/Appearance - 16-bit color is used.
Better Appearance - 24-bit color is used.

Note. This option effects dataflow: the lower the image quality, the less information is transmitted from the remote computer to the local computer. Choosing the highest resolution quality may result in a slightly slower connection to the remote computer. If the internet connection speed is high, choosing  the "Better Appearance" image quality will not cause data deference.

The changes will be applied. The specified settings will be saved and applied by default in the future.


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