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Switching License Type

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You can switch from the Pay Per-Session License to the Subscription License and vise versa as well as change the duration of your Subscription License.

Please note that you will not be refunded upon switching to another License during the contract period. Your current account will remain active until the expiration date of the contract, and you will not be charged on the next scheduled billing date.

If you have purchased the yearly subscription and during this time-period (f.e. in a half a year) you have decided to switch to the Pay Per Session License, you will not be refunded the remaining time-period (in this case, 6 months). Upon the expiration of the yearly contract, the subscription will not be renewed and as a result, your Techinline account will become inactive.

If you have sessions remaining in your balance and decide to switch to a Subscription License, you will not be refunded for the remaining sessions. Therefore, it is best to use all of the remaining sessions and then purchase a Subscription License.

To switch from the Pay Per-Session to the Subscription License:

1.Cancel your License by e-mailing Techinline at or directly through the payment system  customer interface.
2.Purchase a Subscription License.

To switch from the Subscription to the Pay Per-Session License:

Contact the Techinline Sales department.

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