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FixMe.IT Client User’s Guide

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The Techinline Client User's Guide is written for Clients - individuals who receive technical support or any other form of assistance from the Expert via a browser and an Internet connection.

The aim of this Guide is to provide you with the complete and detailed instructions on how to work with Techinline Remote Desktop.

In this Client User's Guide, you will find the following information:

Getting Started - instructions on how to install/uninstall Techinline FixMe.IT for the Client.
Client User Interface - an overview of the Client user interface of Techinline FixMe.IT.
Running the Application - instructions on how to run Techinline FixMe.IT as the Client.
Sending Client ID - instructions on how to send the Client ID to the Expert to join a session.
Disconnecting from the Support Session - instructions on how to disconnect from the session.
Support Session - instructions on how to allow the Expert to view and control your desktop and reboot your computer, how to view and control the Experts's remote desktop, transfer folders/files/text, and chat to the Expert.


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