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Techinline Expert User’s Guide

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The Techinline Expert User's Guide is written for Experts - individuals who offer technical support or any other form of assistance to the Client, a remote computer of a user, via a browser and an Internet connection.

The aim of this Guide is to provide you with the complete and detailed instructions on how to work with Techinline Remote Desktop to make remote computer support easier and more affordable than ever before. Techinline Remote Desktop allows you to remotely view, diagnose, and resolve problems for anyone around the world, from anywhere in the world.

In this Expert User's Guide, you will find the following information:

Getting Started - instructions on how to install/uninstall Techinline Remote Desktop for the Expert.
Expert User Interface - an overview of the Expert user interface of Techinline Remote Desktop.
Launching the Service - instructions on how to launch Techinline Remote Desktop as the Expert.
Finishing Work with the Service - instructions on how to finish work with Techinline Remote Desktop for the Expert.
Connecting to the Client - instructions on how to connect to the Client to start a session.
Disconnecting from the Client - instructions on how to disconnect from the Client to end the session.
Performing Techinline Operations - instructions on how to view and control the Client's remote desktop, allow the Client view and control your desktop, reboot the remote computer, transfer folders/files/text, and chat to the Client.
Managing Remote Session Options - instructions on how to specify image quality and the view settings for a screen with a higher resolution.
Getting Reports on Sessions - instructions on how to generate a custom-built report on conducted sessions.
Getting Information about the Expert Account - instructions on how to view your Expert Account information.
Editing the Expert Profile - instructions on how to change your Expert contact information and password.
Customizing the Client Page - instructions on how to customize the template for the Client Page, change the appearance of the Client Box, and obtain the link to the customized Client Page.
Getting Context Help - instructions on how to get help for the current context.
Support - frequently asked questions encountered by users of Techinline Remote Desktop, solutions to potential problems which may arise while working with Techinline Remote Desktop, and contact details of the Techinline Support Department.


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