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Unattended Support Connection

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The Unattended Support Connection allows you to connect to a remote computer without any end-user intervention or presence. After connecting to the remote computer, you are able to perform the same operations that are available during a standard remote session.

Note: Unattended Support feature is not available for Per-Session licence users.

This section explains the main aspects of using the Unattended Support feature:


Setup Unattended Access

This section explains the process of configuring unattended access to a remote computer.

This option is available when the client application has been started with Administrative rights. If the client does not have Administrative rights, you first need to Restart the Client as Windows system service.


Establishing Unattended Connection

This section explains the process of connecting to an unattended computer which has been configured for unattended access.


Remove Unattended Access to the Remote Computer

This section explains the process of removing unattended access to the Client’s computer.



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