Center Joint Unified School District

California-based educational organization moves from TeamViewer to FixMe.IT for simplified remote support

Remote support software can sometimes be tricky from the end user perspective, which may complicate the communication between the technician and the client. Luckily, that’s not the case with FixMe.IT, and the story of California-based Center Joint Unified School District (CJUSD) can prove that.

The CJUSD network department had previously used Teamviewer before they decided to test all of the major market players to find a remote desktop solution that would be the right fit for their needs. FixMe.IT’s ease of use, drag-and-drop file transfer and, ultimately, its price were three major factors that influenced their decision.

"The competition’s method of opening a separate window where you have to find files is the technology I was using in the 1980’s. Drag-and-drop is much easier, quicker, and modern. Welcome to 2017!"Eugene Graham, Network Specialist, CJUSD

According to Eugene Graham, FixMe.IT securely provides a non-technical user with an easy way to allow access to their computer. From the technician’s perspective, working with FixMe.IT is a breeze, as it allows to quickly connect to any remote machine in just three simple steps.

"Our clients like the ease of use. They also like watching me help them remotely so they can learn what they can do instead of having to call us next time."

Based on the recent Capterra reviews, many customers agree with Eugene: the tool’s ease of use, its price and seamless file transfer are the benefits that make FixMe.IT stand out from the crowd of competitors.


Public school founded in 1858 and based in Antelope, California.



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July 2017

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Drag-n-drop file transfer